3 Detours on i70 You Should Know About

In this article, we've compiled 3 key alternate routes to cut down travel time when there is heavy traffic on i70.  You can save a lot of time knowing these options.

US 6 Between Golden and Idaho Springs

Golden To Idaho Springs Via US 6

When i70 is closed at exit 260, this is an amazing trick to bypass the highway. It doesn't add much time either and its a very cool drive. You'll need to exit i70 west at exit 265 (Highway 58) and follow the road straight until you see signs to re-enter i70. It's a pretty straightforward route but it's slightly longer and a bit windy.

Side Road Between Exit 222 and 218

Silver Plume & Bakersfield

When traffic is backed up before or after the Eisenhower & Johnson Tunnels, this route can shed off up to 30 minutes of travel time. Your GPS may not recommend this route at first (and may even tell you to turn around). More often than not, after about a mile traveled on this route, the GPS will recalculate and cut off (up to 30 minutes) of travel time.  Nothing feels greater than to pass 4 miles of standstill traffic!

Side Road Between Exit 235 and Exit 228

Downieville & Georgetown

This route is useful when traffic on i70 is slow or at a Standstill between Idaho Springs and Georgetown. Take exit 235 to exit i70 West and take the road all the way to Georgetown. If you're traveling east, then take exit 228 and re-enter at Downieville.